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Preventing Computer Hacking

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Hacking is breaking into computer systems. When people hack into a system, they often go after information in databases. There, they can find credit card information and other private and sensitive information. Sometimes, they can even find designs of yet-to-be-released products and other strategic information about a company. Search the Web and find an article that discusses a database that was hacked.

Please explain the detailing of such an incident. What should the target company have done to prevent the "Hack Attack"?

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The following posting helps explain the issue of computer hacking in companies.

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As our society continues to improve our technological advances, it provides another venue for criminals to conduct deviant behavior. In addition, these criminal acts can be conducted from the comfort of their home and/or around the world. In many ways, technology produces more victims than traditional crimes. Though identity theft and other cyber crimes continue to rise, financial institutions continue to implement electronic finance because of the ease of transactions between clients and institutions. Not only have financial institutions implemented electronic finance, many organizations require employees to have a bank account in order to pay them with direct deposit.

Utilization of internet has become built into our society so much that it's become second nature in how citizens conduct their daily activities. In turn, criminals have taken notice of this and utilize the internet to conduct research for crimes and even conduct criminal acts online that include identity theft, stalking, exploitation (black mail), and numerous other deviant acts. Law enforcement has seen a major increase in computer hacking on a ...

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