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Effects of the Internet

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Choose a topic from one of the areas (1-5) indicated below and write an essay.
1. The Internet
2. The future of Electronic Mail (email) technology and use
3. Networking with Windows
4. Basic Networking Hardware
5. Internet Security

Organize your essay under the following headings:
I. Introduction. The Introduction, should define the problem you are studying, discuss the history of the problem and state its importance in the field. Basic terminology should be defined and explained.
II. Results Here your results are stated and explained.
III. Conclusions Use this section to summarize the content, discuss future directions, and state any open problems the you could not address.

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You should begin by:
Topic Internet:
Because the excessive use of internet causes addiction, it causes severe problems with interactions with the loved ones. There is increasing evidence that with a rise in time spent on the internet there is a decline in the communication within a person's home. Family life suffers.
Family life is negatively affected because the use of internet changes the social behaviors, habits and abilities of people. The first victims are children. Children need to learn social behavior. They must learn in the family how to talk with others and if necessary persuade them. These skills are not learned. Next, social habits are learned in a family. When a child spends too much time on the internet, the child does not get the opportunity of learning social habits. For example, boys do not learn how to socialize with girls. One of the most significant factors that affect family life ...

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