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    Developmental Psychology

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    Positive and Negative Punishment

    Describe two situations that illustrate positive and negative punishment. You may describe a situation where you observed another person using or being punished. For both examples, describe the immediate and long term results of the punishment and respond to the following: a. Was the punishment in each case effective? Wh

    Effects of Military Deployment on Children

    Examine the effects of military deployment on child and adolescent development. For example, what are some of the factors (such as psychological factors) of parental deployment that could affect children or adolescents?

    Compare Moral Reasoning Across Genders and Cultures

    What is your definition of moral reasoning? Compare moral reasoning across genders. Explain cultural differences in moral reasoning in two cultures, with at least one being somewhere other than in North America.

    History of Psychology

    Discuss the history of psychology that you believe is critical in influencing the current practice of psychology.

    Self, Identity, and Human Development

    What are your thoughts about the importance of self and identity on human development? Also, describe to what extent you consider that identity development is influenced by environmental factors including family and culture. Finally, compare identity development in the context of two different cultures.

    Euthanasia: Types and Politics

    There are many types of euthanasia: what types different types can you come up with? What makes some types of euthanasia so politically hot while others are socially accepted?

    No Child Left Behind Policy

    In terms of the 'No Child Left Behind' policy, discuss its current or potential impact on some of the major child and adolescent developmental domains. These domains include family, school, and community.

    Environment and heredity contributions to intelligence

    What is your personal definition of intelligence? Also, explain how environment and heredity contribute to intelligence and its development. Finally, explain how intelligence influences physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development.

    Opposites Attract Truth

    Is the old saying, "opposites attract" true? If it is true, then why would people that have nothing in common attract to each other? If it is not true, then what is really happening between these opposites and what is the most likely outcome of that relationship?

    Healthy Growth for the Stages of Development

    Identify and describe at least two common obstacles to and/or societal concerns about healthy growth for each the following stages of development (select obstacles that are of particular interest to you): - childhood - adolescence - adulthood Provide potential solutions or strategies for promoting healthy growth at each

    Gender and Sexual Identity: Nature vs. Nurture

    1.) What are the interactions between hormones and behavior? Do these interactions affect determination of gender identity? 2.) What do the biological factors of nature and the environmental influences of nurture play in regards to sexual differentiation and gender identity? 3.) Does nature or nurture have the greatest i

    Development in Elderly: Myths

    An understanding of human development cannot be confined only to children and young adults. With the aging of the baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964), there has been an increasing interest in understanding older adults (those who are sixty-five years of age and older). The challenge for many is eliminating the stereo

    Lifespan Development Characteristics

    Please describe the characteristics of the life-span perspective and help identifying all of the characteristics of the life-span perspective listed below, I have to write a paper and need as much information as possible Development is Lifelong Development is Multidimensional Development is Multidirectional Development is

    Different Philosophical Views of a Junior High

    There is a lot of research recently that talks about the different philosophical views of a junior high (i.e., subject, cognitive orientation) vs. a middle school (i.e., development based). What are your thoughts?

    Cyberbulling research guide

    Draw from both articles and discuss the issue of bullying in school and other contexts (for example, internet or technology bullying). Take into account how adolescent development theories to explore possible solutions to the problem.

    Developmental Psychology in Non-Western Settings

    Thoughts about the applicability of American/Western developmental psychology to non-Western countries and cultures. Explain why developmental psychology has shifted from a Western approach to include diverse settings and groups.

    Adolescent Attachment

    Explore adolescent attachment and its developmental impact. Choose two issues related to adolescent attachment (for example, attachment relationships w/parents and /or peers, the nature of attachment system in adolescence, or social information processing) and discuss their effect on adolescent development.

    Examine newborn medical assessments

    Examine new born medical assessments and their functions. There is the Apgar, the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale, and the The Apgar Score is the sum of numerical results from tests performed on newborn infants. The tests were devised in 1953 by pediatrician Virginia Apgar (1909-1974). The primary purpose

    Correctional Psychology

    Explain two roles of a forensic psychology professionals working in the correctional subspecialty and the importance of each of these roles. Explain two responsibilities of a forensic psychology professionals working in the correctional subspecialty and the importance of each of these responsibilities.

    Designing a Child Development Study

    Hello. I need some clarification, if possible for an assignment I have. It calls for 5 research questions which must include a hypothesis for each question. I thought research studies were based on one hypothesis. So I am confused on how I am supposed to created a research study with 5 hypothesis. I also would like an example(s)

    Adolescent Characteristics

    Discuss the major characteristics of adolescent society. Include information on how aspects of the adolescent phase differs from other phases in the lifespan.

    Early Sexual Maturation and Sleep Stages

    Is puberty a social or a biological milestone? Sexual behavior does start as a curiosity - but what do you believe happens when that curiosity leads to pleasure? You do not think that pleasure is a very strong reinforcer? What exactly is sleepwalking?