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Developmental Psychology

Debate the merits of the testing of IQ in middle childhood.

The testing of IQ in middle childhood is a common practice. IQ test scores are often used to assess children who are having academic problems as well as children who are excelling and may be eligible for entry into gifted and talented programs. The text points out that there are many concerns with the fairness of IQ tests and

Roots in Early Philosophy

What are the roots in early philosophy that lead to the 19th century in the development of modern psychology. Who were the philosophers that historically relate to the formalicipline of psychology and how it began. Include in your discussion the development of psychology as a science during the 19th century. Also , who were t

Computers' effects on preschoolers

Play appears to serve many functions for children including building knowledge of the world and development of social skills and understanding. Considering this important activity, how do you think the growing use of computers for both games and educational purposes might affect children's cognitive and social development dur

Jane case study

Jane has been relentlessly asking her parents for a new toy she saw on television. Many of her friends' parents have already purchased the toy for their children. Jane has told her parents this and explained to them how cool the toy is. Her parents, however, have told Jane they cannot afford the toy. One weekend, Jane is at the

Discuss different research methods.

What is covered in this solution is the answer to the following questions: What are the various research methods employed by scientists who primarily study the field of lifespan development? How can I compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of two lifespan development research methods?

Case Study: Sam

Many changes happen from conception to birth. A single-celled zygote multiplies and grows over approximately nine months into a living, breathing human being composed of trillions of cells. That's quite an amazing feat! With such rapid growth occurring, it is not surprising that the developing fetus is vulnerable to a number of

America workforce is described.

I'll get us started. Let me suggest that in the 1950â??s, America's workforce consisted mostly of Caucasian men. There were very few minorities and women in the American workforce; therefore, benefits were mainly focused on the family man working in a man's world. Divorce was not as common as it is today, so benefits for sing

Examining Developmental Theories

What are the strengths and limitations ofof Piaget, Erickson, and Vygotsky theories in relations to the developmental processes. Are there any similarities and differences between them?

Issues related to early and middle adulthood are exemplified.

Discuss how social and intimate relationships evolve and change during early and middle adulthood.(150 word response) Identify various role changes that occur during early and middle adulthood.(150 words) Examine the immediate and future impact of healthy and unhealthy habits practiced during early and middle adulthood.

Trace changes during middle childhood and adolescence.

â?¢ Discuss the development of moral values from middle childhood into adolescence. â?¢ Summarize one theory related to human growth and development and identify at least two influential theorists in relation to the middle childhood and adolescence time period. â?¢ Explain how heredity and the environment influence

Compare (similarities and differences) between Abraham Maslow and Sigmund Freud and analyze the difference between Freud's biological approach and Maslow's motivational approach.

Compare (similarities and differences) between Abraham Maslow and Sigmund Freud in terms of their cognitive, physical, and social-emotional developmental processes.The cognitive developmental process involves the ability to think, remember, reason, problem-solve, and communicate. The physical developmental process entails not on

Counselling Methodologies: Behavioural and Cognitive Modalities/ grad level

Our chapter explores several themes in CBT assessment such as the nomothetic and ideographic approaches; the aims of assessment, the role of functional analysis, the relationship between assessment and formulation and the key areas for assessment in a cognitive behavioural context. Grant et al. (2009) tell us that an importan

Cognitive Dissonance Identification

Identify a situation in which an individual made a decision to engage in behavior that violated his or her values, beliefs, attitudes, and morals. Can you explain how the individual could have used cognitive dissonance theory to rationalize his behavior. The scenario is below: It had been 3 years to the day and as I stood

Early and middle adulthood changes

What psychological changes are made during early and middle adulthood to adapt to aging and changes in lifestyle? How does this affect development?

Roles in early and middle adulthood

Discuss two roles that can be acquired during early and middle adulthood, such as through parenthood, romantic relationships, and career. How have these roles changed through past generation?

Early nutrition is emphasized.

Briefly describe the importance of nutrition during the Infancy and Toddlerhood period. Summarize pediatric recommendations regarding early feeding and the introduction to cow’s milk and sold foods, the dangers of malnutrition, and cite factors that contribute to obesity in later life.

Important cognitive science and behavioral concepts

Skinner was an American behaviorist who conducted extensive research related to the experimental analysis of behavior. Through his research he was able to introduce several concepts related to behavior and self-control. The following solution describes concepts such as: reinforcement, operant conditioning, punishment, and supers

Psychology Question

Which of Piaget's developmental stages are most important for intellectual development? How does this fit with our current K-12 system of early education?

Explain how heredity and the environment interact

Explain how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences in development. I have to address the following issue: -Define and describe shared and nonshared environmental experiences and the role each plays in development.

How might we apply counter conditioning to humans?

Systematic Desensitization involves gradually exposing a pet to the situation, without provoking the unwanted reaction. Through this process, we reduce the strength of a response (i.e. fear) to a certain stimulus. For example, my dog fears big dogs. By desensitizing my dog to bigger dogs, I can reduce his fearful response to big