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    Early Sexual Maturation and Sleep Stages

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    Is puberty a social or a biological milestone?

    Sexual behavior does start as a curiosity - but what do you believe happens when that curiosity leads to pleasure? You do not think that pleasure is a very strong reinforcer?

    What exactly is sleepwalking?

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    Is puberty a social or a biological milestone?

    Puberty is evidently a time in a youth's life that is characterized by great change on varying levels. During puberty, the most obvious changes are usually biological in manifestation rather than social. It is a biological milestone given the various dramatic shifts that are occurring during this period in time; such as increased hormones as well as changes within the brain architecture. However, one cannot quite ignore the social milestone also associated with puberty, though this is more secondary to the biological ones. The social part ...

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    This solution discusses whether puberty is a social or biological milestone. It also discusses what happens when sexual curiosity leads to pleasure. The explanation is given in 361 words with two references.