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    Early Sexual Maturation/Sleep Stages

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    Early Sexual Maturation
    The age of entering into puberty has declined from 15-16 over the last century to age 11-12. At the same time, it has been observed that there has been little change in psychological and intellectual development. Read the Childhood Sexuality: An Interpersonal -Intrapsychic Integration article. What are two implications that this earlier sexual maturation has for society?

    Sleep Stages
    There are five stages of sleep each of us pass through each evening when we go to sleep. Please describe each stage. Then, view the Sleep Disorders video and match one stage of sleep with one of the sleep disorders described in the video, explaining the connection between the stage of sleep and disorder chosen.

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    Implications of earlier sexual maturation to society:

    Over the last century the puberty age has declined and now younger children start experiencing puberty at a younger age through there has been little change in intellectual and psychological development. This change in timing of puberty age has various implications to society. These implications include psychosocial and behavioral difficulties, potential sexual abuse, and early sexual debut. When puberty occurs reproductive capacity is often attained and younger and younger children start experiencing sexual feelings which they may understand as emotional intelligence in children often starts at age fifteen. This has the implication of either leading to potential sexual abuse or giving rise to teenage pregnancies in the society as has been experienced over the past few years with society having younger children who are parents than before. Cumulatively in the long term this strains the society welfare system with the implication that younger people who are not capable ...

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