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    Developmental Psychology

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    Early Populations in Play Therapy

    What type of client was treated by original play therapists such as Anna Freud? How were the early client populations similar or different from the current client populations treated in play therapy? Where the clients of the original play therapists such as Anna Freud treated? How are these contexts similar or different

    Stages of Human Growth and Development Relative to Addiction

    I need help understanding of the stages of human growth and development relative to addiction, including gender differences and specific differences among the elderly. I also need help understanding the strategies or interventions that would work best when dealing with the following individuals: - A teenager living in an

    Piaget: Growth Stimulation

    What can one do, according to Piaget, to stimulate growth in one's formal operations or in one's ability to think critically in a learning context?

    Theoretical Perspective in Piaget

    Please help in describing one aspect of Piaget theory that has particular relevance to contemporary education and explain why. Finally, explain how the aspect might be influenced by contemporary educational neuropsychology.

    Maintaining a Successful Marriage

    With the rise in divorce rates, first marriages that last for years are becoming less common. However, it is important to look at what makes for a successful marriage. Within one study, the authors found seven reasons that contribute to a successful marriage identified by men and women who have been married for 15 years or more.

    Adult Development: Life Structure

    Daniel Levinson created a model of adult development that focused on life structures. A life structure consists of new developmental challenges and tasks through the periods of adulthood. For example, getting married is a new life structure. The individuals have to adapt to the new life, which consists of new family members, rol

    Dual-income family

    A change that we have seen over the years focuses on education and the workforce. More women are deciding to earn their college degrees. Also, now it is uncommon for the women to stay at home with the children, compared to the past where it was the norm. Today, both the husband and the wife are working outside the home to financ

    Adolescent Girls and Puberty - Menarche

    One aspect of development during adolescence is puberty. Puberty is accompanied by hormonal changes, body growth, sexual maturation, and motor development. There are individual and group differences for when adolescents go through these changes. For example, the average age of menarche in the United States is around 12 to 13 yea

    Ageism in Contemporary Society

    1. In our book it states that ageism is the tendency to categorize and judge people solely on the basis of their chronological age. Ageism is like racism and sexism. The book also states that elderspeak is a condescending way to speak to older adults that resembles baby talk. The younger generation has a tendency to use elder

    Zone of Proximal Development

    Within the zone of proximal development, we want to challenge the student to master a task or skill that can be done successfully with the assistance or guidance from an adult or someone that is more skilled. Based on the zone of proximal development, can you provide an example of how teachers might implement this principle

    Physical Education and Self Esteem

    1. On page 238 of the textbook, the author states that schools have reduced physical education in order to spend that money on more academic classes. She also states "an hour a day of active play is more likely to improve academic achievement than to impair it". If your child's school reduced physical education classes, what

    Proper APA Citation

    I am having trouble coming up with the proper APA citation for the article at the following site: http://www.lj.se/info_files/infosida38238/gunillasydsjo.pdf Can anyone help me with this?

    Baby Development and Growth

    I need help answering these questions attached. I'm having difficulty providing short responses to them. 1. Table 3.6 states that between 6-9 months babbling, including both consonant and vowel sounds, are repeated in syllables. 10-12 months- comprehension of simple words; speech-like intonations, specific vocalizations t

    Bandura's Theory: Observational Learning

    Describe the role of reinforcement in Albert Bandura's theory of observational learning. Give two examples of how this theory could be applied in child rearing. For example should parents be concerned about children's television programs?

    The Three Domains of Development

    Identify the three domains of development, describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development, and provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two.

    Care giving for the Dying - factors, problems, solutions, references.

    (1) Identify how a caregiver takes into consideration his or her patients' age, culture, family structure, et cetera, in working with patients during their later years and through the death and dying process. (2) Identify the challenges and rewards in working with individuals in this stage of the lifespan. Include in your

    Levinson's Theory of Middle Adulthood

    Levinson's theory of middle adulthood can also be considered the mid-life crisis. The four major conflicts are relating to a person getting older. The third of the major conflict is being masculine versus being feminine. Masculine represents strength and feminine represents weakness. In the conflict of masculinity versus femi

    Aging of the Brain

    1) Using the biological theories of aging as background, describe the changes in the brain as we reach late adulthood. Specifically, discuss the meaning of the shrinking, slowing brain and the adapting brain as they relate to adult development. 2) Describe how the cognitive functioning of late adults can be impaired or enh

    Lifespan longitudinal study

    Examine the following stages of life in an adult 65 years and older. - Childhood ages 6-11 - Adolescence teen age years - Young adulthood 20's - 30's - Middle age adulthood 40's - 60's - Old age over 65 Focus on the following areas Cognitive development Emotional development Social development Introduction - bac

    Stages of Adulthood

    1). Discuss the two most prominent theories related to the stage of adulthood: Erikson's Stage of Generativity vs. Stagnation and Levinson's Season's of a Man's Life. 2). Describe how theory conceptualizes middle adulthood and explain the growth of development changes that occur during this stage. 3). Describe the impac

    Emerging Adulthood Significance and Key Features

    1). Explain the concept of emerging adulthood. 2). What are the key features of this developmental stage? 3). Specifically, what is significant about the transition for adolescence to adulthood from a development perspective? 4). What physical, emotional, and cognitive changes do we experience, and why? In your s

    Influences on Childhood Development

    Childhood development has always been such a key stage of the developmental process, and it is important to note the degree to which we change from a physical, emotional, social, and cognitive perspective throughout this time period. Discuss at least two key changes in childhood development from each of the following: a

    Sense of Identity

    As we enter the young adult stage of development, our sense of Identity becomes vitally important. It defines what we do, how we do it, and the extent to which we engage in certain types of behaviors. 1) Define 'Identity' and discuss the significance of it during the early stages of adulthood. 2) Further, describe Jame

    Compare and Contrast: Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning

    Compare and contrast classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Use the Psychism Operant Conditioning information and your text to support your discussion. Find one Web site that also contributes to your understanding of the two types on conditioning. Explain why you think this particlar Web site will help strengthen your

    Middle Childhood

    From the following case identify the challenges that the student, family, or individual client may be experiencing. Identify any psychosocial conflicts that may be present and the transitions related to middle childhood that may be considered. Identify specific ways of helping the student, family, or individual client. Case S

    Theories of Development - Piaget's Cognitive Theory

    Cognitive Theory: Piaget's cognitive developmental theory approach stresses the growth of the ability to universalize or abstract as children grow. His theory deals only with children. It begins with the difference of the self from the environment (infancy), use of language to sort objects (2-7 years), the development of log