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Developmental Psychology

Questions about teen development are posed.

These inquiries are emphasized: Each generation speaks to how "kids have changed." What characteristics are associated with adolescent development? How have adolescents changed over the last 30 years? How have they remained the same? How would you characterize peer relationships during adolescence? How much pressure is t


I have two issues dealing with obesity and trans fat, what is your opinion on these issues: The first issue deals with children having access to unhealthy foods at school. Many schools are banning the sale of unhealthy foods to children in school. Other schools are selling unhealthy foods in cafeterias and vending machines. S

Sports Psychology is the focal topic.

This scenario is assessed: You are coaching an Under-8's Soccer team. There are six boys and 2 girls. This is the first season for both the girls and one of the boy's Jason. The other boys have played between one and 3 years. The girls and Jason are less skilled and do not know the rules of the game. All the boys, including J

Corporal Punishment - Spanking

This is a very controversial topic. Do you think spanking should be used for disciplinary purposes? And, what disciplinary techniques do you think or inappropriate/effective?

Child Care/Early Education

What programs might you design to encourage family support and participation in a Child Care or Early Education program? (3 pages). I need as much information as possible on this question. Please provide concrete examples. Thank you.

Cognitive and Psychosocial Development in Middle Childhood

1. Explain and analyze one of the approaches to cognitive development in middle childhood. 2. Explain child in the family and the child in the peer group. Discuss the relationship of children in middle childhood as they relate to their family and peer group? 3. Explain and analyze two of the primary relationships invol

Child Adolescent Psychology

I am writing a research paper on child adolescent psychology. Please help me with the following questions: 1. How would I begin my introduction. 2. What would I say to write at the beginning. 3. Also, I have to compare and contrast theories. 4. What theories can I use in this paper in order to compare and contrast?

Human Development

The research is 15-20 pages based on human development from the "Development Across the Life Span". Need ideas.

Intelligence Presentation

Consider the following scenario: Since you are a successful college student, you have been asked by a former high school teacher to address his/her class on the topic of human intelligence. ? Create a presentation that consists of 7-10 slides and detailed speaker notes to addresses the following: o What is intelligence?

Potentialities of the human genome project

Describe two positive potentialities of the human genome project, and one negative possibility. Please expand: According to this website the goal of the project is to identify the 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA. There are many positive aspects: - if people

Three romantic attachment styles

What are the three romantic attachment styles described by Shaver and colleagues? Briefly describe one, and give an example of how it might 'look.' How are these similar to early attachment styles described by researchers such as Bowlby and Ainsworth?

Mexican Adolescent Gangs in the United States

What are the dynamics of the Mexican Adolescence involvement in gangs in the US? specifically, what are the influences or lack of in the culture, educational system, and in their communities.

Critical Period: Lifelong Cognitive Development

Evaluate the argument that the early years are a critical period for lifelong cognitive development. This is my plan: 1. Introduction 2. Cognitive development concerning young children:Piaget, Vygotsky, Bandura 3. Early years-- talk about the family, day care centre (Different forms of provision) 4. Evaluation-what works/

Transference is acknowledged.

You have a client who has come to you because they are having difficulty getting along with their new boss. After conducting a history and a couple of sessions you find that your client has difficulty making and sustaining relationships, and has had 5 jobs in the last 2 years. The only information the client gives is that things

High School dropout among teens

What are the environmental, genetic, and physiological factors that contribute to the rate, causes, and effects of high school dropouts?

Memory, Creativity, Intelligence & Maturation

Please describe the form(s) in which information is coded in short-term memory and discuss the roles played by decay and interference in recalling information from short-term memory. What is creativity? How is it related to intelligence? Summarize the current research and criticisms of the research on creativity. Discuss

Correlation versus Causation

Explain why correlation does not prove causation. If possible can you provide an example that illustrates both correlation and causation.

Heredity and the Environment & Development

Please help make a presentation on the relationship of heredity and the environment on the individual. What are the positive and negative impacts by the environment? Please help with outlining the presentation and locating few links to available resources.

Study questions for my examination next friday

1. The term "dependency ratio" refers to: a. The number of elderly who will need family support to survive. b. The number of children who will be raised by grandparents and extended family members instead of by natural parents. c. The number of persons not gainfully employed compared to p

Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood

Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood" paper. What is your personal perspective on changes that occur throughout early, middle and late adulthood? What is your personal philosophy? How do you perceive changes in activities, relationships, health and mental outlook? Are your views

Media Research: Middle Childhood & Preteen Messages

Conduct a study of media messages from the perspective of children in the stage of middle childhood. 1. Visit a mall, visits shops in the mall, study store window displays, notice billboards, review popular magazines such as at supermarket check-out counters and in book stores/drug stores, discuss prime-time television progr

Child Development and Theory

I need ideas for my paper. I would like you to explain each of the developmental theories and give me an example of what a child would do in each developmental theory. --- Observe at least three children. After observing the children and studying the theories described , write a paper in which you choose one of the five the

Reflexes & intentional behavior

A behavior that will unfold unless major disruptions are present, such as reflexes being replaced by intentional behavior, is evidenced of: a) Sensitive Periods b) Critical Periods c) canalization d) maturation

Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood/multiple choice

Please check the following answers and provide the correct ones if mine are wrong. The answers are at the end. Text: Human Development (8th ed). McGraw. Thanks. Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Computer literacy is

Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence

These questions are for Chapter 11 based on the text: Human Development (8th ed) by Papalia, Olds & Felman. McGraw Hill Could you check my answers and provide the correct ones if I am wrong. I do not need an explanation becuase I can easily check them in my text chapter. Thanks. 1. Puberty begins A. in the 6th grade