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    Cognitive Psychology and Good Research Design

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    I need to outline a scientific method please see below I have used the milestone in the development of cognitive psychology most influence was Adler's holistic theory. Can you answer this question?

    Behaviorists felt that the genius behind the computer/information processing model was the human behavior or the driver. Cognitive Psychologists realized that scientists in other fields (e.g., Neuroscience) were making advancements that could translate into "how to study the mind" in scientific, systematic ways. How have the historical contributions of this method lasted so long?

    Both children are currently involved in developing their scientific method for the upcoming science fair (next February). They live near NASA, so planning, researching and reporting science is a way of life. Their daughter, Ila-7th grade, wants to study electromagnetic interference of cell phones because my father had a pacemaker inserted last year. Their son, Jackson-4th grade, feels the need to study the negative and positive charges mainly to enhance his rocket hobby. Can you outline the scientific method that is still used today? Why are assumptions so important to begin any project?

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    1. How have the historical contributions of this method lasted so long?

    In layman's term, cognitive psychology can be described as the study of the mental processes responsible for behavior, through learning. Consequently, the ability to learn has enabled the human race to be the most advanced species on the planet. This is because, as humans, we don't just learn, but we evolve through the knowledge that we gain during the learning process. Hence, the more we learn, the more productive we become, the more we are able to adapt and survive. Also, the more we learn, the more complex our behavior becomes, hence the need to understand and explain those behaviors. Because the learning process is the future of humanity, and because learning is basically cognitive, one can say the same about cognitive psychology, which is the past, present and future of humanity. Therefore, in order to obtain the full effects of how the historical contributions of cognitive psychology have lasted so long, one must look at the major contributions/milestones to the field, from the individual, to culture, to spirituality.

    Sigmund Freud

    Freud's work on the theories of personality encouraged science to look into the "unseen/unconscious" factors that influence a person's thinking pattern and behavior. Freud's ...

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