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A sample human development research proposal

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Design a research study proposal to examine some aspect of human development. You may select any topic that is of interest to you, as long as it pertains to the life span. Refer to "Life-Span Development Resources," for useful life-span websites if you are having difficulty selecting a topic.

Specify a life-span topic.
Explain the topic you have selected and provide reasoning for the research study.
Study Design (e.g., correlation, experiment, quasiexperiment, etc.)
Briefly explain the design of the study you are proposing.
Explain the methods for conducting the experiment. Address the following question: How would you propose to study the selected topic, and what is the IV/DV, if applicable?
Describe in detail the timeframe for the study (e.g., longitudinal, cross-sectional, or mixed design).
Summarize your proposal succinctly.

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Introduction: This research study will examine an important aspect of human development, which will be the cognitive development of individuals throughout the lifespan. This is a very important topic, due to the fact that it is very important to seek to understand the development of an individual's cognitive abilities as the individual grows and matures into adulthood, as well as the effect that aging may have on one's cognitive abilities. This topic also includes gaining an understanding as to how the brain becomes more efficient at processing information etc., throughout one's development, and it is great efficiency at processing information and overall thinking in general is due to the increasing size of an individual's brain as they develop from childhood to adulthood, or whether this increased thinking and analytical ability is due to the increased ability of the brain to coordinate the activities of the different parts of the brain through practice etc. Due to these factors, this research study has the purpose of gaining an understanding of the level of increased analytical ability that occurs as an individual develops throughout the lifespan, and when this ability tends to decline.

Study Design: The ...

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