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    Designing a development psychology research study

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    Developmental psychologists study specific types of growth in people of a target age or age range. For example, a psychologist might study language development in pre-verbal toddlers or peer-group formation in pre-adolescents. Using the theories and research methods described in your assigned reading, propose a study of a topic of interest to you. Developmental studies are based in a developmental theory, so be sure to select one that is likely to support your ideas. You have a sample research study in your assigned reading. Practice finding all of the information listed below in the study to help understand how to design your own study.

    Be sure to include:
    1.Target age or age group

    2.Specific name of the theory (to be sure that we all understand each other, add the name of the theorist too)

    3.Research question (be specific)

    4.Research design (you may name the model and then try to explain how the model would be used to create a study)

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    Designing a Developmental psychology research study:

    As you have not given me any specifics such as your interest, your possible research questions, your population, I will give you an example. Please do feel free to send me your brainstorming ideas so that I can help you organize your thoughts in the categories your professor has ...

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