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Developmental Psychology

Early Childhood Development vs. Late Childhood Development

I need help with information and organization for this paper. Thank you. This is about child development of Kindergarten (age 5-6 year old) children, and the comparative differences between them and 11-12 year old children. Such topics as Motivational theories, and so-called experts, such as Piaget and Vygotsky are esse

Teaching children listening skills...

Can teachers and parents guide their children to listen better? Are there some specific skills and techniques to use? Not to use? what bad habits impede listening? Explain and please provide all references used.

Impact of Child Abuse and Child Maltreatment

What is child abuse and child maltreatment? How does child abuse and child maltreatment impact child development? What is being done? Discuss in some detail providing empirical evidence for the prevalence of child maltreatment and abuse.

Female adolescents' coping styles

Various coping styles of young developing females involved in the so-called process of "hitting the wall," receiving negative societal messages about their bodies, minds, and worth are overviewed. How do these female adolescents either maintain or strengthen their self-esteem or lose their "voice?" What factors contribute to

What causes peer rejection in early childhood?

What causes peer rejection in early childhood? Can cultural differences account for peer rejection? If so, what are these cultural differences and how do they lead to peer rejection? Provide empirical evidence.