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    Developmental Psychology

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    Random sampling

    In a research study it is not always possible to measure an entire representing a specific demographic. (Some examples of demographics are students who attend a specific college, people who live in a specific city , state or neighborhood, people of a certain age range etc.). As a result measurements are taken from a sample of th

    Individual Differences vs. Independent Variables

    Read chapter 7 to answer question below: What is the difference between individual differences variables and manipulated independent variables? What impact does this difference have on causal inferences? Please give and example of each. Responses should be at least 250 words.

    Discussion of factors affecting development of a mentally healthy child

    I need help to answer these questions below. I am writing a 700 word paper. 1. How can socioeconomic status and wealth influence the development of a mentally healthy child? 2. What are some factors that have led to an increase in diagnosis of children with disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Evidence-Based Practice

    What are at least three benchmarks/observable meausres of client sucesses when using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). How can these measurements be linked to the CBT conceptualization of how psychopathology or problems in living occur? Give examples

    Early and Middle Adulthood Paper

    Hello I am having trouble with my research on Early and Middle Adulthood. The stages are confusing and I need help getting started on a paper which has to examine the psychological adjustments to aging and lifestyle that occur within individuals during these stages. I need to address the following: Discuss how social and inti

    Middle Childhood and Adolescence

    I need some help understanding Middle Childhood and Adolescence. I have to write a paper describing changes that occur during middle childhood and adolescence concerning family and peer relationships, and how they might infulence future development. Please help me I have to include the following: Determine the positive and ne


    I need urgent help with a case study for the following child. Scenario: -4 year old only child whose spoiled behavior is out of control-does not follow directions. She is selfish-does not like to share-will fake cry -No medical problems-no problems during pregnancy-Child was born in a hospital-At birth mother was 35 years old

    Marriage Relationship Marital implications

    Do you feel that there is a "formula" for a successful relationship in marriage? If so, what are the most important issues that need to be look at or how do you feel one can achieve this?

    Introversion and extroversion

    Are extraverts and introverts born (through genetices) or made (through experience and learning)? Explore and explain.

    Theoretical Perspectives

    1.Distinguish between these theoretical perspectives: behaviorist, nativist, cognitive developmentalist, and interactionist (be specific). 2. Name the theorist-researcher associated with each perspective 3.What are the implications of each theory for an early childhood education classroom?

    Characteristics of Life-Span Development

    Which of the characteristics of life-span development do you believe to be the most resistant to change? Which one is the most amenable to change? Explain your answer in at least 300 words.

    Current Issue in Lifespan Development

    -Select a current issue in the field of lifespan development. -Prepare an analysis of the issue. Include a description of the issue and its connection to significant concepts, distinctive features, and critical periods in lifespan development. -Examine any controversies associated with the issue and summarize how the issu

    Treament strategies

    Provide specific examples of treatment strategies for the four major approaches in clinical psychology(psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems) and evaluate their effectiveness.


    Your group has been hired by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for family-oriented products geared toward the entire family. They want to develop a series of commercials that will target family members at various life stages. Your group needs to thoroughly describe Erikson's theory of Psychosocial de

    Difference gender plays on sexual development

    Please help me learn more about and prepare a comprehensive word essay: Explain the interaction between hormones and behavior and how this interaction affects the development of adult sexuality. Evaluate biological psychology processes on sexual differentiation. Determine key biological changes in sexual development.

    Cognitive Changes

    250 words or more Can you describe two cognitive changes that take place in middle adulthood and how might these changes affect work and family relationships?

    Early Adulthood

    Explain some views on topics such as love, cohabitation, divorce, marriage, working women, extramarital affairs and child-rearing practices along with some examples. Explain the human development theoretical framework of Erik Erickson which apply to adulthood. Compare and contrast views with what is known about gender diff

    Deprivation, privation, attachment

    How might theory of attachment, deprivation and privation be practically applied in an everyday situation. Consider evidence and refute where possible.