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    Differences Between Types of Experimental Variables

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    Read chapter 7 to answer question below:

    What is the difference between individual differences variables and manipulated independent variables? What impact does this difference have on causal inferences? Please give and example of each.

    Responses should be at least 250 words.

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    Individual differences variables are variables that people naturally differ on - they are differences that existed before our experiment. For example, people differ in age, gender, what school they attend - these are variables we cannot manipulate.

    In contrast, manipulated independent variables are variables we actively modify as researchers. You may give two different groups of participants two different drugs, thereby manipulating the drug they receive. Or you may give three groups three different training programs to teach them to read.

    Whether we're using individual differences or manipulated independent ...

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    This solution discusses difference between individual differences variables and manipulated independent variables as well as the impact it has on causal inferences. The text contains 402 words and examples.