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Developmental Psychology

How You Fit into the Big 5 Theory of Development

Describe yourself in terms of Kegan's theory of self-development and the Big 5 Trait theory. What stage are you at, according to Kegan's theory? Give examples that illustrate why you are at that stage in Kegan's theory. How would you describe your personality, given the Big 5 Trait Theory? Give examples about your traits for eac

Emotional & Social Development

Describe parental influences on early emotional and social development. Consider the theories such as Skinner's Behaviorism, Bandura's Social Learning, Baumrind's Parenting styles.

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Compare and contrast the five sources of power. (Expert power, referent power, legitimate power, reward power, coercive power). Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each type. If you had to choose one type of power source, as a leader in your current or future profession, which would you choose, and why?

Social Cognitive Theory in Developmental Psychology

I need some ideas for this topic, please be as detailed as you can: In relation to the Bandura's social cognitive theory, how does self-efficacy, worldviews, and personality characteristics influence how you engage in the environment? How would this have affect on your developmental paths?

Middle Childhood Discussion

Before responding to this question, please read "A trip to the zoo: Children's words and photographs" research article. Note the key differences in photographs and descriptions between the younger and older children. Use this article and your understanding of cognitive development (especially Piaget, Vygotsky, or information pro

A Discussion about Thinking and Intelligence

Could you please do an "objective" conversational response on how this person has done on their discussion on their discussion on cognition? Your expert objective response should contribute thoughtful, unique and interesting information to add to their discussion. This is their discussion: The IQ test was created for the

X-linked disorders and self-esteem

1. Why are males more likely to show the signs of an X-linked disorder? Name three. 2. What is the difference between "self-esteem" and " self-concept"? Give a short scenario that involves each.

Adolescent Behavior Issues

Could you please do an "objective" conversational response on how this person has done on their discussion on their discussion on adolescent behavior problems? Your expert objective response should contribute thoughtful, unique and interesting information to add to their discussion. This is their discussion: I found i

Approaches to Personality Development

Briefly explain what this sentence mean? Many humanists assumptions are untestable and hard to define operationally, but humanist idea about positive human traits, such as courage and resilience, have added balance to the study of personality. What was Carl Jung contribution to the development of his theory of the collective

Impact of child abuse to middle childhood

Identify and research a current issue (sexual abuse) that may impact a child's self-concept and self-esteem during middle childhood. Discuss the issue; then analyze and apply child development theory or research or both.

Analytical Psychological Theory

Provide the assumptions, reliability, validity, and the application of Analytical Psychological Theory, along with references.

Early Language Development Theories and Outcomes

Compare and contrast early language development theories and outcomes. How do social and cultural factors influence language development? Support your answer with theory or research. What three strategies can parents and child caretakers use to promote language acquisition? Please provide references.

Cognitive Development of Children

I need helping answering the questions below: 1. Describe the typical cognitive development of a child in the first two years of life. 2. Analyze Piaget's theory by comparing and contrasting his theory with competing viewpoints and then describing the strengths and weaknesses of each. 3. Based on your personal, professi

Delayed Gratification

Read "Don't! The Secret of Self Control" (below) What are the three most important points about delay of gratification from the article? Give an original example of how delay of gratification matters in a child's life and explain how the example illustrates delay of gratification. Don't! The Secret of Self Control In the

Prenatal and Infant Development: Teratogens Effects

Suppose that you have been asked by an expectant mother to explain what teratogens are and how they may affect prenatal and infant development. Select at least one teratogen and its possible effects to focus on. Offer the expectant mother information to learn more about avoiding teratogens and their effects. Provide resources

Child Development and Theories

It is important that you have a strong theoretical base from which to build your knowledge of child development. Attachments: This discussion will be centered on two media presentations ("Stages, Milestones, and Domains" and "Human Development Theorists") Choose two theories relating to child development to compare and

Development throughout the lifespan

When considering Erikson's eight stages of development, the way a person moves through each stage directly affects their success in the next stage. Their personality is being built and shaped with each stage. At each stage, there is a turning point, called a crisis by Erikson, which a person must confront. Summarize psycho

Interpersonal Relationships

Analyze elements of interpersonal relationships including attraction, intimacy, and aggression. Explain the concepts of interdependence, attachment, and belonging as they relate to intimacy.

Sociodramatic Play

Describe an example of sociodramatic play between an adult and a three-year-old. Explain how this interaction can lead to changes in the naïve psychology of the three-year-old. Take into account the following quotation from Vygotsky: "Play creates a zone of proximal development of the child. In play a child always behaves

Personality Development Theories

I need help with this assignment. please. There is two parts to this. Part 1: • Choose a theory that you think provides the best explanation of how personality develops in an individual. • Explain how that theory addresses personality development from childhood to adult. Part 2: Choose one specific personality diso

Forming Behavioral Influences

The Role of Behavioral Factors on Attitudes/Actions and experiences, as well as the observations of others' behaviors, can shape the attitudes you hold toward objects, issues, things, or people. One theory that attempts to explain behavioral influences on attitude formation is self-perception theory (Bem, 1972). According to thi

Evaluation and Application of Attitude Instruments

One goal of attitude measurement is to ensure reliability of scores. Researchers use a variety of techniques to assess the reliability of their instruments. One technique is internal consistency, which refers to whether or not the individual items on the instrument are assessing the same attitude construct. Another technique is

Should Boys and Girls Be Raised the Same Way?

I need help in developing points of my perspective. My position: "My law will apply in all respects to girls as much as to boys: the girls must be trained exactly like the boys...The present practice is in our own part of the world is the merest folly; it is pure folly that men and women do not unite to follow the same pursuits,

Attitude Measurement

Attitude Measurement: Types of Measurement/To understand attitudes, it is necessary to know how attitudes are measured. Attitudes cannot be observed directly, but rather, they are inferred through behavior and self-report. As a result, social psychologists use a variety of methods to measure attitudes. By analyze methods social

Deductive reasoning and the approaches

What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to reasoning. Do you agree or disagree? Why This person will compare and contrast the four approaches to reasoning, and explain how the context of the problem can influence the choice of approach to use. They will describe a time when they experienc

Common Approaches to Reasoning

These are four of the common approaches to reasoning. One approach suggests that all humans share to understanding humans share fundamental logical rules or methods of reasoning. A second approach, "Availability Theory", suggests that we attempt to solve problems using methods that previously worked with problems that se

Contingency-Oriented or Universal

Two organizational behavior students are debating the idea that many OB theories are contingency-oriented. One student believes that every OB theory should be contingency-oriented. The other student disagrees, saying that most theories should try to be universal. Evaluate both positions and provide your opinion on this issue.