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Middle Childhood Discussion

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Before responding to this question, please read "A trip to the zoo: Children's words and photographs" research article. Note the key differences in photographs and descriptions between the younger and older children. Use this article and your understanding of cognitive development (especially Piaget, Vygotsky, or information processing) to respond to the questions.

1. Using the cognitive development theory of your choice, compare the differences in photographs and descriptions between children in the youngest group and the older children. Why are their perceptions of what they saw so different from each other?

2. Propose a follow-up study that would support your conclusions about the cognitive differences between younger and older children. Be creative and use the same cognitive development theory as you did to respond to the first question.

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In the story "A Trip to the Zoo" shows how children develop from the scribble stage of drawing to the placement stage of drawing to the pictorial stage of drawing objects and people. The story shows how the characters go from a preoperational stage of cognitive development to a more operational and/or formal stage of operation. When children study pictures that they have drawn from their memories of what they have seen at the zoo they will draw what they see the best way they can and when ...

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