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    Common Activities in Early Childhood Programs

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    Six of the most common types of activities in early childhood education are: Exploratory play, Guoded discovery, Problem solving, Discussions, Demondtrations, and Direct instruction. Select and describe one the the approaches and explain techniques associated with the approach you have chosen and give examples of how chosen approach can be used effectively in an early childhood setting.

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    While direct instruction may be more used in a preschool setting than day care or babysitting, it IS, none-the-less a very important part of a child's development. The difference between direct instruction in early childhood compared to elementary or middle school age learning, for example, is that the time frame for teaching will be less. If students are really engaged in the instruction, it is almost ...

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    The solution provides the use of direction instruction, which will look different for young people, contrasting middle school teaching is a great way to set up a lesson and is further discussed.