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The Value of Learning Standards

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For this discussion, please share your own ideas and insights about how early childhood educators may communicate with others regarding learning standards as well as how to communicate the purpose and value of Learning Standards to parents. Discuss how children, teachers, programs and parents benefit from Learning Standards. Include your own insights on how Learning Standards contribute to your curriculum/activity planning process and assessment strategies.

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One way of communicating that was through newsletters. Whether you do a weekly or monthly newsletter communicating the units of study you are embracing, special books you may have shared, field trips, and the like, you may also identify the standard along with this information. I personally also agreed that parent information materials given out at the onset of school, should contain this information as well, and portfolios which is a showcase of student work definitely should identify the standard as well. I didn't really think about mission statements at first, but certainly that information can refer to standards as well.

Critics of early childhood programs vie for academic rigor, which is not exactly appropriate for early childhood education. However, it is ...

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Methods of communicating with parents are an essential part of early childhood classes. Whether that means a weekly or monthly newsletter, meeting parents at the door, or a more formal conference, it is essential to find methods of communciation. This includes parents who work, and may feel disconnected from the school. Telephone conferences are sometimes acceptable. This includes information about early learning standards.