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Standards based research for education

Any help in obtaining information for the following assignment will be appreciated:

Conduct an internet search on standards-based assessment. Based on your research, the assigned readings, and the week's content, write a paper reflecting your thoughts on the present and future status of standards-based assessment in the following categories:

A. Grading criteria used in standards education.

B. Assessment/Diagnostic instruments used in standards based education.

C. Forms used to report the results/progress of standards based education.

D. Ways you may change your personal approach to standards in your current position or how you will/would address standards in a classroom setting.

E. The positive and negative effects of high-stakes testing and AYP on schools and students.

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Grading criteria used in standards education is usually reflective of rubrics, or mastery of a stated objectives with a table or grid. When a student masters designated content or objectives it is easy to assign a grade, which both the student and teacher are clear about. This format helps both the class and the teacher align to the curriculum, which is specifically designed around grade-level state standards.

There are many assessments and diagnostic instruments used in standards based education. One is Study Island, where students take a test (online at the website). The questions that students miss can be easily tracked and lesson plans can be developed collectively or individually to increase knowledge of the content areas. Students can also self-correct and know immediately where they are doing well and what they need to work on. The scores are shown at the end. This author gives students who get a blue ribbon or 70 percent or higher $3 in their checking accounts. The value of this is that the teacher and student won't waste a lot of time on extra outside content and can stay focused on the critical areas that they are having difficulty with.

Often text books claim to be aligned with state standards but they are usually written to the large populations like California, Texas and New York. One can find his or her individual state on the cover because it is easy to change a cover. But few states ...

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