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Social Cognitive Theory in Developmental Psychology

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In relation to the Bandura's social cognitive theory, how does self-efficacy, worldviews, and personality characteristics influence how you engage in the environment? How would this have affect on your developmental paths?

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Self-efficacy, worldviews, personality characteristics all do influence how I engage in the environment. For example, when I am asked to do something I have never done in my lifetime, I tend to lack confidence in my ability to do so; however, I keep an open mind, and I try to do it effectively and efficiently that meets or exceeds the person's standards. This could mean cutting off a tree branch in hopes that I get them all cut off to specifications in order to prevent an accident from occurring, and to have it as perfect as possible, so that all can enjoy the beauty of the outcome of it. Through this experience, I became confident in my work, and I dealt with my self in order to learn from this experience in the midst of dealing with others who may or may ...

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