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Cognitive Development of Children

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I need helping answering the questions below:
1. Describe the typical cognitive development of a child in the first two years of life.

2. Analyze Piaget's theory by comparing and contrasting his theory with competing viewpoints and then describing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

3. Based on your personal, professional, or combined experience, do you think that Piaget is relevant to the development of two-year-olds in today's society?

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Cognitive Development of a Child in the first two years of life

1. Learning to talk
- between ages one and two, a baby can say a few words and understand simple sentences
- language is developing, by two years old, the baby is increasing his/her vocabulary enormously

2. Piaget's development stages
- falls in his first category of Sensorimotor stage:
This stage states that the child is learning primarily through his/her sense, ie. touch, smell, sounds, ...

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Cognitive development of children are given. Whether Piaget is relevant to the development of two-year-old's in today's society are given.