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Cognitive Theorists

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Jean Piaget & Lev Vygotsky were two influential theorists during the 20th century-each with a unique spin on how children best learn. Compare & contrast their theories on research and tell which you think best explained cognitive development in children?

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This solution of 262 words compares and contrasts the two cognitive theorists: Piaget and Vygotsky and their views on childhood cognitive development.

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Jean Piaget & Lev Vygotsky shared the same concerns about cognitive development in infants and children. They both contributed greatly to the field of child cognitive development. Vygotsky's theories came after that of Piaget as he believed that there were certain factors missing in his beliefs. While Piaget believed that cognitive development was basically egocentric, Vygotsky believed that individuals are a product of their environment. These are their major ...

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