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How You Fit into the Big 5 Theory of Development

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Describe yourself in terms of Kegan's theory of self-development and the Big 5 Trait theory. What stage are you at, according to Kegan's theory? Give examples that illustrate why you are at that stage in Kegan's theory. How would you describe your personality, given the Big 5 Trait Theory? Give examples about your traits for each of the five dimensions of personality as outlined in Trait theory.

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Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are being asked reflect on 2 theories as it applies to you. For 750 words, it would be best to plan it out as follows:

1. About Kegan's Theory & the Big 5 - 200 words
2. Application of Kegan in your case - 300 words
a. talk about elements of your personality, from behavior, to views, to tendencies
3. Application of the Big 5 - 300 words
b. talk about elements of your personality, from behavior, to views, to tendencies, same situations as in #2, but from the Big 5 interpretation

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Theories of Personality: Application

There are a number of personality theories utilized by experts to explain the formation as well as the differences of personality. Kegan's as well as the Big 5 theory are among the most commonly used. Kegan's theory (Gautam, 2008), is based on Piaget's and explores how we find social maturity. Dombeck (2007) explains Kegan's theory on social maturity via Kegan's concept of 'evolving self' as follows, "Kegan described a theory of how people become progressively more socially mature across their lifespan...Social maturity does evolve or develop in successive layers just as does cognitive maturity, progressing from the most simple understanding to more and more complex understandings of the social world...Kegan is suggesting that as babies grow into adults, they develop progressively more objective and accurate appreciations of the social world they inhabit." The stages we develop through for Kegan are as follows - Incorporative (undeveloped sense of self), Impulsive (sense of self dictated by needs and impulses), Imperial (sense of self dictated by ...

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Over 1000 words and 4 references to explain where an ethnic female might fit into Kegan's personality theory of development.