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    Prenatal and Infant Development: Teratogens

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    Suppose that you have been asked by an expectant mother to explain what teratogens are and how they may affect prenatal and infant development.
    Select at least one teratogen and its possible effects to focus on.
    Offer the expectant mother information to learn more about avoiding teratogens and their effects. Provide resources you could share with her to illustrate your response.

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    Many women do not understand the effect that certain environmental and societal conditions can have on their unborn baby. To begin, it is first important to understand that a teratogen in any environmental factory the is present that can adversely affect the normal development of the fetus. It is critical that anyone who is pregnant, or caring for someone that is, understand these various factors and how to deal with them if they are present. The most common examples would be alcohol or tobacco use. For alcohol agents being a teratogen, we are referring specifically to the ingestion of the alcohol by the mother. For tobacco use, it could either be smoking by the mother, or the residual effects of too much exposure to second hand smoke. Other examples of taratogen's include ...

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    The expert examines the prenatal and infant developments for Teratogens effects.