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Genetic Disorders

3. Explain why teratogens are difficult to identify.

4. Explain why a woman carrying the gene for hemophilia can produce two hemophiliac sons when she is mated to a normal male.

5. Under what conditions does a female acquire an X-linked recessive disorder?

7. The pedigree for Queen Victoria of England, a carrier of hemophilia A, shows the transmission to some of her descendants, including members of many royal families in Europe, such as Russia and Spain, but not Germany. Hemophilia A does not affect anyone in the present British royal family. Can you explain why hemophilia A has disappeared from one family and appeared in others?

11. Which of the following can be identified by an abnormal karyotype?

a. Sickle cell disease
b. Cystic fibrosis
c. Monosomy X
d. Tay-Sachs disease
e. Huntington's disease

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The solution talks about why teratogens are hard to identify and what the consequences of an X-linked recessive disease like Hemophilia mean for the Royal Family.