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    X-linked disorders and self-esteem

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    1. Why are males more likely to show the signs of an X-linked disorder? Name three.
    2. What is the difference between "self-esteem" and " self-concept"? Give a short scenario that involves each.

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    Thank you for your question. Developmental psychology is an exciting field and teaches us about how we develop physically and behaviorally. I provided some brief background for each of your questions and answered each directly. You should review my answers with the information you have received in class to ensure you fully understand the concepts. I have included my help below and attached it in a word document. I look forward to helping you out again. Best of luck going forward in your studies.

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    1. Why males are more likely to show the signs of an X-linked disorder, and name three.

    Sex chromosomes are the 23rd pair of chromosomes in humans. The sex chromosome determines the sex of a person. Males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. This is what defines males. Alternatively, females have two X chromosomes. Females do not have a Y chromosome. A child will receive one sex chromosome from each parent. For example, a mother will always provide an X chromosome to their child because females only have X chromosomes. A father will provide an X chromosome or a Y chromosome to the child because males have both an X and Y chromosome. For this reason, Dad determines the sex of the child. If Dad provides an X chromosome, the child will be a girl and have two X chromosomes. If Dad provides a Y chromosome, the child will be a boy and have one X chromosome from the Mom and an Y chromosome from the ...

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    Basic principles of developmental psychology/ human development are described in this answer. Topics include Who am I? Why are some people more confident in their abilities than others? Explained in this answer are the psychological terms that best reflect these concepts and how they differ. Examples are provided to facilitate your understanding. Additionally, this answer explains why males are more likely to express some genetic traits compared to females. It provides a general overview of genetic traits linked to the sex of an individual are expressed and gives examples of sex-linked genetic traits.