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Emotional and social effects of chronic illness in adolescence

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Adolescent emotional or social development with a chronic illness

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There are several ways that chronic illness can interfere with an adolescent's emotional and social development. Let's start with emotional development. Adolescence is a time of emotional turmoil for all kids. Add in a chronic illness and that turmoil is magnified significantly. Their illness is most likely a source of major anxiety for them. The teen may been afraid of being in the hospital and all the procedures they have to endure. These may cause great pain and discomfort and for a teen who knows they have to go through this over and over again, it can take a major toll on their emotions. They experience greater fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, hopelessness, and anger than a child without an illness. If the illness is terminal, the adolescent must face their own mortality which is difficulty for an adult that is mature and fully emotionally developed...how hard must this be for a child that is just really starting to develop emotionally an socially? They may spend a significant amount of time pondering ...

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This post addresses some of the possible emotional and social effects on adolescence who face chronic illness.

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