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Stress-Related Illness And Depression

Can someone help with describing the connection between an illness that has a high co-occurrence with depression and the factors that account for its high co-occurrence with depression. Also what role does stress hormones and inflammation play in this illness. Are there any teaching strategies that might reduce the effects of this stress related illness , and what methods could possibly be used to encourage the adoption of these strategies to reduce the effects of the stress related illness.

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Stress-related illness and Depression
There are many connections between illness and its co-occurrence with depression. Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, asthma, cancer and chronic viral infections among other serious complications can all be associated in with depression (Your Paper). Many of these diseases can be co-occurring both before and after the fact.

Heart Disease and Depression
In addition to the above diseases, there is a significant connection between heart disease and depression. The connection between heart disease and depression goes both ways. Depression can weaken the immune system creating the need for the body to produce inflammatory hormones like cortisol and cytokine, which contributes to heart problems (Your Paper). Heart disease is connected with high amounts of these inflammatory clotting agents that freely move throughout the blood stream (Pozuelo, 2010).

In a related way, heart disease also produces depression. This is a circle of life issue, because depression produces disease causatives, in turn these causatives ...

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