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    Developmental Psychology

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    Negative Reinforcement vs Positive Feedback

    Do you think negative reinforcement alone would work in this instance? If a child just received a negative consequence instead of any positive feedback would that be enough to stop their unwanted behavior?

    Functioning in Late Adulthood

    In a specialization of child and adolescent development evaluate this question: Is new cognitive development possible during late adulthood?

    Examination of Clinical Psychology

    Discuss the role of research and statistics in clinical psychology AND The differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions (i.e. social worker, psychiatry, school psychology,...

    social change possibilities

    Select an age/stage that interests you and for which you see social change possibilities. Offer a brief description of the age/stage and social change possibility you selected. Then explain actions you could take to bring about social change for that possibility. Be specific. Provide references you could take to bring about

    Please help, how was Carl Jung impacted by diversity, explain Carl Jung's success, what was Carl Jung's lack of succes, Carl Jung;s struggles, Carl Jung's challenges, Carl Jungs Decisions etc. Please do not copy and paste his bio from wikipedia, as I cand do this myself. Thank you

    Please help, how was Carl Jung impacted by diversity, explain Carl Jung's success, what was Carl Jung's lack of succes, Carl Jung;s struggles, Carl Jung's challenges, Carl Jungs Decisions etc. Please do not copy and paste his bio from wikipedia, Please cite your sources Thank you .

    Developmental Research and Ethics

    What are two attributes that are the most important to being a critical reader/consumer of developmental psychology research and why are they important. Also describe two major ethical issues related to conducting research in developmental psychology within a specific culture and /or population (African Americans). Explain the c

    Development during late adulthood

    Ageism is defined as prejudice held against an individual based upon their age. Such prejudice is typically based upon stereotypes within the culture. Based upon your own experience do you think there is ageism in U.S. culture and can you suggest both the type of prejudices that might be out there and how they impact older adu

    Does a Mid-Life Crisis Exist?

    Middle age is a period that is often associated with a Personal and Emotional Upheaval called Middle Age Crisis. The text discusses this phenomenon and suggests that it is somewhat controversial. Think about what you have read and people you know in your own life. Do you support the idea that there is in fact a Mid-Life cri

    Human Development

    Edward is a 15 year old male who is going through what some would call a "rebellious stage." He has difficulty in school and was recently caught stealing from a department store. While it is not possible to definitively know the cause of Edward's actions (based on the limited information provided), there are a number of develo

    Debate the merits of the testing of IQ in middle childhood.

    The testing of IQ in middle childhood is a common practice. IQ test scores are often used to assess children who are having academic problems as well as children who are excelling and may be eligible for entry into gifted and talented programs. The text points out that there are many concerns with the fairness of IQ tests and

    Roots in Early Philosophy

    What are the roots in early philosophy that lead to the 19th century in the development of modern psychology. Who were the philosophers that historically relate to the formalicipline of psychology and how it began. Include in your discussion the development of psychology as a science during the 19th century. Also , who were t

    Computers' effects on preschoolers

    Play appears to serve many functions for children including building knowledge of the world and development of social skills and understanding. Considering this important activity, how do you think the growing use of computers for both games and educational purposes might affect children's cognitive and social development dur

    Jane case study

    Jane has been relentlessly asking her parents for a new toy she saw on television. Many of her friends' parents have already purchased the toy for their children. Jane has told her parents this and explained to them how cool the toy is. Her parents, however, have told Jane they cannot afford the toy. One weekend, Jane is at the

    Normative Environmental Events in American Culture

    You read about normative environmental events and experiences. What are some normative environmental events that have recently occurred in American culture today that are affecting you as an adult? Cite either age-graded or history-graded influences and explain how these events might be creating cohort similarities for you and y

    Discuss different research methods.

    What is covered in this solution is the answer to the following questions: What are the various research methods employed by scientists who primarily study the field of lifespan development? How can I compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of two lifespan development research methods?

    Case Study: Sam

    Many changes happen from conception to birth. A single-celled zygote multiplies and grows over approximately nine months into a living, breathing human being composed of trillions of cells. That's quite an amazing feat! With such rapid growth occurring, it is not surprising that the developing fetus is vulnerable to a number of

    America workforce is described.

    I'll get us started. Let me suggest that in the 1950â??s, America's workforce consisted mostly of Caucasian men. There were very few minorities and women in the American workforce; therefore, benefits were mainly focused on the family man working in a man's world. Divorce was not as common as it is today, so benefits for sing

    Late adulthood is investigated.

    This solution involves analyzing late adulthood and the death of an individual as a culmination of the life span developmental process. Examine ageism and stereotypes associated with late adulthood. (175 word response) Evaluate how individuals can promote health and wellness into late adulthood and mitigate the negativ