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western and non-western societies

Explain why developmental psychology has shifted from a Western approach to include diverse settings and groups. Justify your post with specific example.

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As you know, I cannot give any answers, I can only point to some basic concepts. Many of the issues of development are both political and economic, and hence, have a great impact on psychology. The central issue is the "individual" in western and non-western societies.

I'm not giving you the answer to why the shift has occurred, it makes more sense to me to set the differences up, and then try to see (from that), where the changes in the western approach have come from.

Some introductory ideas that may have caused a shift:
1. immigration from the third world
2. ease of travel and communications
3. the growth of a multinational economy
4. speed of news
5. problems within the western approach to politics and the "individual."
6. rejection of liberalism
7. major debt and unemployment in the west

Some of the basic literature:
Developmental Psychology: A Student's Handbook; Margaret Harris, George Butterworth
Developmental Psychology: How Nature and Nurture Interact; Keith Richardson
Developmental Psychology; Jacki Watts, et al

Two major issues: growth and personal/social development; also environmental impact (social psychology)

Remember - non-western approaches to developmental psychology are heavily fused with political and economic differences. There is really no separating these two "contexts."

Nature versus Nurture
critical periods in growth
stability and change
"human nature"
uni- ...

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The central issue of "individual" in western and non-western societies is explored.