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Erikson's Developmental Theory

Edward is a 15 year old male who is going through what some would call a "rebellious stage." He has difficulty in school and was recently caught stealing from a department store. While it is not possible to definitively know the cause of Edward's actions (based on the limited information provided), there are a number of developmental theories that can provide a context and other possible explanations for Edward's attitudes and behaviors.

Identify how the Erik Erickson's theory can offer a possible explanation for Edward's actions. Briefly review the theory and discuss how it relates to Edward's behavior. Also discuss other important variables or factors to consider when working with an adolescent like Edward.

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Erik Erikson's personality theory states that psychosocial development can be defined by stages throughout one's life. Each stage usually contains a conflict, which, if resolved, will result in a favorable outcome, or what he calls "virtues." The "virtue" in adolescence is called fidelity.
In this stage, the adolescent is trying to define his identity. He ...

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