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Middle Age Crisis

Middle age is a period that is often associated with a Personal and Emotional Upheaval called Middle Age Crisis. The text discusses this phenomenon and suggests that it is somewhat controversial. Think about what you have read and people you know in your own life. Do you support the idea that there is in fact a Mid-Life crisis that people go through and if so why do you say this and what causes it? Be sure to relate to the concepts and ideas about this topic from your reading. Maybe you can apply everything you had help me so far or whatever you think is the best.

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Yes, I do strongly concur that a Middle Age Crisis exists. Because people tend to realize their current status in life, it is like a Eureka moment for many people. Many mid-lifers realize their kids are now grown and reflect on what they have or have not done in ...

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Debate if you believe that a Middle Age Crisis exists and validate.