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    Young adulthood stage

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    Select an age/stage that interests you and for which you see social change possibilities.

    Offer a brief description of the age/stage and social change possibility you selected. Then explain actions you could take to bring about social change for that possibility. Be specific. Provide references you could take to bring about social change for that possibility. Be specific.

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    Young adulthood age / stage:

    The adolescent stage in life is often viewed to be the ages between twelve and eighteen years of age. This stage presents a great deal of change on many levels from physical, biological and social where there are dramatic shifts in the body of persons with increased brain architecture and hormones. Erikson in his psychosocial development theory shows that the social development outcome in this stage is identity and role confusion. This stage represents a transition from childhood to adulthood and children become more independent (Wood, 1998; Tale & Parker, 2007).

    At this stage a person is neither a child nor an adult and life becomes complicated as the person attempts to find their own identity, deal with moral issues and struggle with social interactions. At this stage a person explores possibilities and form their own identity based on the outcome of their explorations. When a person is unsuccessful in navigating through this stage, they often experience role confusion and upheaval. The most significant relationships for a person at this stage are friends and peer groups. Similarly at this stage adolescents are able to develop cognitive ability and be able to reason and think abstractly (Wood, 1998; Tale & Parker, 2007).

    Social Change possibility:

    There are numerous social changes that are often associated with adolescents though they vary across cultures. A ...

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