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Young Adulthood Period Case Subject

Review the developmental history of an individual. Cover the life of an individual from young adulthood.

Key points for stage of life are provided below. Address each area noted below, demonstrate an understanding of the stages and developmental tasks of each age/stage. The use of proper terminology supported with examples from the individual's life is a good way to demonstrate your understanding.

Young Adulthood
Discuss the physical development of the selected individual during young adulthood. Were there observable changes in growth, strength, and physical functioning? How did lifestyle impact health?

Discuss the cognitive development of the selected individual during young adulthood. What developments in thinking were observed? Were there changes in morals? What possible selves were examined or explored? How did the individual fare with personal control beliefs? What were his or her dreams as a young adult? Discuss the social development of the individual during early adulthood. Were there many close friendships? How did these friendships start? What caused them to grow? What caused other ones to end? How were his or her relationships with family members? How did the individual handle Erikson's psycho-social task of intimacy versus isolation? Was the person single? Did the individual find love? Get married? Have children? Was the marriage a lasting one? Why did the relationship last or fail? Did the person have children? Were the children planned? How did the individual fare as a parent?

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As you briefly explore the Young Adulthood period, the person I chose admitted that he became more health conscious and enlightened during this stage from ages 20 to 40. In terms of his physical development, he mostly saw observable changes in his vision as he had to get glasses at 22. He also noticed that his metabolism started slowing around 32, so he had to exercise more and watch his diet since he gained 30 pounds from page 32-38. His growth stopped in terms of height, but his weight was increasing. He did start to weight train and do martial arts, so he ...

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