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physical development during late adulthood

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Review the developmental history of an individual. Cover the life of an individual from late adulthood.

Late Adulthood
Discuss the physical development of the selected individual during late adulthood. Were there any major health issues? Observable changes in weight, strength, and physical functioning? Were there issues or changes in sleep patterns?

Discuss the cognitive development of the selected individual during late adulthood. What changes in memory, attention, and processing speed were observed? Did any issues with depression, anxiety, dementia, or so forth develop?

Discuss the social development of the individual during late adulthood. What role did siblings play (if applicable)? What was his or her relationship with them like? Was he or she able to retain a degree of independence? How did the individual feel about aging? Were there many close friendships? How did the individual handle Erikson's psycho-social task of integrity versus despair?
How did the individual cope with the loss of family members and good friends? To what degree did he or she experience death anxiety? How did he or she cope with it? What is his or her view of death? What religious belief does the person have regarding death? Is this a comfort? Has he or she ever had a paranormal experience with a deceased relative or friend (strange dream, premonition, vision, hallucination, etc.)? What does the individual advise young people about how to live?

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As you briefly discuss the physical development of the selected individual during late adulthood, he states that he developed high blood pressure, minor heart problems, and generalized fatigue. He has to take medication daily for these conditions. He also has gout.

He also exhibited observable changes in weight, weight loss specifically, loss of balance, especially in winter, temperature sensitivity, loss of strength and stamina, and lots of energy depletion in general. He had a few ...

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