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    Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Child Development and ADD

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    I need help to answer these questions below. I am writing a 700 word paper.

    1. How can socioeconomic status and wealth influence the development of a mentally healthy child?

    2. What are some factors that have led to an increase in diagnosis of children with disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

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    1. Socioeconomic status and wealth can play a role in influencing the development of a mentally healthy child. Most people, who are wealthy or are of a higher socioeconomic class, tend to be professionals who are generally better educated. They tend to create lifestyles for themselves and their families that are generally more comfortable thus enabling their children better access to play groups and more activities that encourage socialization and enrichment (For example: music classes, sports teams etc.). Also, schools located in lower income neighborhoods are less likely to have extensive access to special afterschool programs. These programs are beneficial for all children so that they may gain greater confidence and feel better about themselves. Children of higher socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to have one parent who can be home with them during the day, allowing these parents more time to nurture, teach and guide their children ...

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    This solution focuses on the effects of socioeconomic status on child development and its possible relationship to Attention Deficit Disorder. The text contains 568 words and resources.