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    Changes in Early and Middle Adulthood

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    Hello I am having trouble with my research on Early and Middle Adulthood. The stages are confusing and I need help getting started on a paper which has to examine the psychological adjustments to aging and lifestyle that occur within individuals during these stages. I need to address the following:

    Discuss how social and intimate relationships evolve and change

    Identify various role changes that occur

    Examine the immediate and future impct of healthy and unhealthy habits practiced.

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    During early adulthood a main source of intimacy is the friendship circle with notable different needs being served by men and women's same- friendships. For many people the deepest source of intimacy is found through sexual bonding with a mate, a bonding that frequently involves cohabitation, marriage and/or serial monogamy. Success or failure in the search for romantic love plays an important role in the emotional development of young adults. Those in satisfying relationships report improved self-esteem and well-being while those who search unsuccessfully experience the opposite. For many people who get married marriage can begin a series of cognitive shifts that intensify the individual's sense of commitment to others. There are many factors that can affect the success and failure of a marriage, the age of the partners at marriage, similarity of background and values and the couple's perception of the balance of equity in the marriage. Marriage also results in parenthood which is a lifechanging event. Divorce can result leading many to remarry and in some cases lead people to become stepparents.

    During middle adulthood shifts in family and work responsibilities often occur occassionally resulting from a midlife crisis. People in middle adulthood often experience this when ...

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    The following is a discussion of the various stages that people go through during adulthood and middle adulthood including various role changes that occur and the impact of of healthy and unhealthy habits practiced.