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    Perspectives of stages of adulthood

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    Minimum 1000 words) in APA format addressing your personal perspectives about changes that occur in early, middle and late adulthood. Be certain to include all 3 phases of adulthood, even if you have not experienced all 3 stages yet. This is a subjective paper, so research is not required. However, cite any references used in APA format. Answer the following questions:

    a. What is your personal philosophy?
    b. How do you perceive changes in activities, relationships, health and mental outlook?
    c. Are your views based on experience and/or observation?
    d. Why is it important to be cognitive of your own personal views of development?

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    Young adults have the possibility of all things. They are able to consider each action in relation to the future of changes. Nothing is as permanent as the youth we feel. In youth, the reality of being on one's own, building futures, trying different personas and different personalities is fun. It is acceptable to most people. Youth experiments with actions, life, abilities, titles and choices. These all change with the different phases as people navigate the meaning of their dreams and their possibilities.
    Middle age is the time to make those decisions of youth in terms of what one wants, needs and expects to come to reality. It changes with the responsibilities that sometimes seem as a surprise. The children, job changes and identity crisis of middle age are all surprises that youth did not prepare one for. The reality is a much larger sense of self, something that is different from the searching that happens in youth. Self esteem grows as people age. Decisions made become foundations. Ideas become plans. Plans lead to execution and with each people gain knowledge and experience to lead them through the maze ...

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    Discussion of the perceptions of adults at the various stages of adulthood. Young adults, middle age, and later life perspectives are addressed. Problems, needs, and activity is discussed. Also included is a discussion on the need to be cognitive of one's own personal views of these phases.