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Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood

Perspectives on

Changes in Adulthood" paper. What is your personal

perspective on changes that occur throughout early, middle and late

adulthood? What is your personal philosophy? How do you perceive

changes in activities, relationships, health and mental outlook? Are

your views based on experience and/or observation? (This is a

subjective opinion paper,

I need ideas for a paper/help with the paper, the above information is what I have to write about.

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Good morning from Cleveland, Ohio.

As I helped you with your "teen" interview responses I thought it might be a good idea to help you with this assignment as well. In doing so the consistency in style and content of the material will be present, which is always important when you are developing and writing on any specific social science area. Your instructor has actually given you a rather interesting assignment and this is based on two reasons: One, as a young person you have to put yourself in a position of having to advance your years several times over. In other words, you have to make certain assumptions from what you have learned and experienced through people associations, TV, music, etc of what you "think" a situation might be like. By not yet experienceng what it is like to be someone who is in middle and late adulthood you actually have a license to create anything you want. For you this assignment is like an artists canvas as you can put on it anything you want. In other words, within reason you have a "carte blanche" to paint the picture any way you want. Second, it is always fun to think of what life is gonna be like when you yourself go up the age ladder. And remember, we all fall of that ladder every so often and when we do we pick ourselves up, dust off the old ego and keep on truckin'. The fall is as important as the pickup because when put into proper perspective both of these together give us the character we will be known for. Okay...so much for the philospophy and "mushiness" of growing older. Lets get on to the task at hand.

You know what...we can sit here all day long and talk about the developmental stages of Erikson, Piaget, Levinson, Valliant, and Mickey Mouse with respect to life's ...