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Sexuality and Middle Adulthood

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1. Identify and describe two issues that are associated with human sexuality in middle adulthood.

2. Describe how these issues affect couples and family functioning.

3. How would one or both of these issues affect other areas of a person's life?

4. How might it affect work life or community involvement?

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By addressing the questions, this solution addresses issue related to human sexuality in middle adulthood.

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1. Identify and describe two issues that are associated with human sexuality in middle adulthood.

Development issues in Middle Adulthood (about 40 - 65) include less hormone production, adjusting to new roles and reevaluating and directing energies. As well, people in this stage are looking at aspects of their life and assessing it (http://www.sikhwomen.com/Sexuality/Stages_Sexual_Development.htm).

Let's look two factors impacting sexuality in middle adulthood: the disease process and loss of a partner. This response is a combination of outside sources and personal knowledge.


Biological changes and the disease process are developmental concerns that can impact sexuality negatively in middle adulthood, which involves such things as:

o "Medication side effects: increase/decrease motivation
o MI - anxiety, fear, depression, low libido
o STD - results in fear of transmission = abstinence
o Chronic pain - decreases sex motivation
o Joint disease - R/T pain & stiffness
o Surgery, - ostomies, breast prostatectomy
o Spinal cord - may or may not effect
o DBM = male- neurologic erectile dysfunction/ Female - no arousal, lubrication" ...

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