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human sexuality in middle adulthood

Based on your literature search, identify two issues that are associated with human sexuality in middle adulthood. Describe each issue, provide supportie references from peer-reviewed journal articles, and describe how these issues affect couples and family funtioning. How would one or both of these issues affect other areas of a personb's life? For example, how might it affect work life? Or community involvements. Include all references used. Thanks

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Sexual Response and Middle Age: Psychological/Emotional; Issue One
For most contemporary societies, middle age occurs between 40 - 60 yrs of age. For a woman, it is a very obvious bell tolling time because it frequently marks the onset of menopause. At menopause, menstruation ceases and the potential to bear children is decreased and finally disappears. Oddly enough, this is also the time when women reach their sexual 'peak' of arousal and orgasm. Women feel more comfortable in their 'own skin' at this age and aware of who they are in their role and this may contribute towards a feeling of relaxation and sexual readiness. In contrast, men reach ...

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Issues that are associated with human sexuality in middle adulthood are clearly explored in this case.