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    Middle Childhood

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    From the following case identify the challenges that the student, family, or individual client may be experiencing. Identify any psychosocial conflicts that may be present and the transitions related to middle childhood that may be considered. Identify specific ways of helping the student, family, or individual client.

    Case Study: Tracy, 10-Year Old Student

    Tracy is a 10-year old student who is heavily influenced by his parents regarding his academic activities. The pressure that he is receiving at home has made him withdraw from all pleasurable activities at school including his passion for writing, arithmetic, and friends. He was once an A student but now is maintaining a C average. He has disengaged from regular activities and sits alone when he is not required to participate in group activities. It is known that the family has had some major stressors last year that has resulted in Tracy's parents contemplating divorce.

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    Most tasks you receive will ask multiple questions within them so it is easier to break it down into the smaller questions in order to answer the assignment properly.

    There are three things the question is asking you for: 1) Challenges, 2) Psychosocial Conflicts (including transitions) and 3) Specific Help/Advice/Guidance.

    - living up to his family's expectations
    - being able to handle pressure/stress (whether it be from his parents in regards to school or his parent's marital issues)
    - being able to keep his grades up (and motivation, interest, etc.) despite any issues he may be having
    - being able to engage in activities that will help his self-esteem, increase social networks, etc.

    Psychosocial Conflicts:
    Parents - parents not acknowledging/helping with other factors involved in decline of motivation and grades; family problems (arguing, shouting, abuse, etc.) can lead to the child taking on blame for their marriage problems and/or taking on the stress of it themselves
    Siblings - doesn't say if there are ...