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Maintaining a Successful Marriage

With the rise in divorce rates, first marriages that last for years are becoming less common. However, it is important to look at what makes for a successful marriage. Within one study, the authors found seven reasons that contribute to a successful marriage identified by men and women who have been married for 15 years or more. The primary reason listed was that my spouse is my best friend. The other six reasons include: I like my spouse as a person; marriage is a long-term commitment; marriage is sacred; we agree on aims and goals; my spouse has grown more interesting; and I want the relationship to succeed (Craig & Dunn, 2007, p.477).

Do you agree that these reasons would make for a successful marriage?
Are there any other factors that you would add to the list that contribute to a successful marriage?

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Yes I agree to these reasons. However, a lot of those saying are clich├ęs and have very little meaning without a common ...

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