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Adult Development: Life Structure

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Daniel Levinson created a model of adult development that focused on life structures. A life structure consists of new developmental challenges and tasks through the periods of adulthood. For example, getting married is a new life structure. The individuals have to adapt to the new life, which consists of new family members, roles, tasks, and responsibilities. This new life structure takes time to adjust to the challenges and tasks associated with the role of becoming a husband or a wife.

Can you provide another example of a life structure?

What type of challenges or tasks are associated with this life structure?

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I can think of five life structural changes that could create needs for major adjustments:

1. Becoming a first-time parent: loss of sleep; loss of freedom to come and go; having someone totally be dependent upon the parent

2. Graduating from ...

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The life structures for adult development is examined. The types of challenges or tasks associated with a life structure is determined.