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    How to Apply Erikson Stage of Development To a Real Person

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    Take one of stages of Erikson's stage of development and apply it to a real person - for example, someone from current events, politic, business, sports, entertainment field, etc? Also define the terms you are using, and apply them to an aspect of this person's life (a specific action, behavior, or decision, for example). How can we understand this person more fully by using this concept to understand him/her?

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    Erikson Stage of Development:

    In the Erikson stages of development, the development of a child in their predetermined order is majorly focused in the social realm. Through these stages of development, the cognitive development of the child is not given much attention in comparision to the social ties that are made by the child as they mature through all the stages in life. The self of a person is affected by all the social relations that are made in their daily interactions. The number of distinct stages in this development theory is eight. Each stage in the development theory holds two possible outcomes that will determine the outcome of the life of the person. With regards to the results that will be obtained in each stage, the subsequent phase of the person is affected. The stages in this development theory are; the infant stage, toddler, preschooler, school-age child, adolescent stage, young adult, middle-age adult stage and the older phase in a person's life (Harder, 2009).

    The Young Adult Stage:

    The individual that will be assessed in this question is the famous Britney Spears who is a known personality in the entertainment industry. ...

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    This solution discusses Eriksons stages of development and the young adult stage as it relates to Britney Spears in 703 words with three references.