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Freud's and Erikson's stages of development

According to Freud and Erikson, what happens if one becomes fixated in a particular development stage?

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I am going to first help you understand what Freud and Erikson proposed about the stages of development. Freud believed that individuals experienced growth of personality by properly growing through psychosexual stages of development. He felt individuals passed through these stages in a natural response to sexual needs, even as a newborn! Human personality and drive to him is based on sexual need. These include first oral (birth to about 18months), then oral (about 18 months to 3.5 years), phallic (3.5-about 6 yrs), latency (about 6 yr to puberty), and genital stage (adulthood after puberty). You may want to look each stage up specifically to understand what milestones should take place. I will give you one example - the oral stage. If a baby is in that stage, they fixate on sucking bottles, nipples, etc. They love to put things in their mouth, hence "oral". At ...

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Freud and Erikson proposed about the stages of development