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Erickson, Freud and Piaget

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Which, in your opinion, explain(s) development best and why?
Please explain if and how you can relate constructive developmental theory to the perspective that you selected to explain development best.
Freud's psychoanalytic, Erikson's eight stage (psychosexual) and Piaget's cognitive development

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Freud's psychonalytic, Erikson's eight stages, and Piaget's cognitive development are all worth noting when it comes to the field of Psychology. For example, he stressed the id, ego, and superego of personailty development. The Id consists of personality that is present from birth, and include primitive behaviors. Also, this is driven by the pleasure principle, which indicates that a person there is an immediate gratification of needs. However, the Ego is all about reality. The individual ego further develops the id, and is prominent within the preconscious, conscious, and unconscious. Last, the Superego consists of one's moral standards. This is where a person's sense of right and wrong are prominent.

Erikson theorized of eight stages of psychosocial development. They are quite extensive, and worth noting. These consist of: infancy, early childhood, preschool, school age, adolesence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. These are actually quite similar to Piaget's cognitive ...

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This solution demonstrates ways in which various theories explain development best as well as explains how each of them works together.