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Opposites Attract Truth

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Is the old saying, "opposites attract" true? If it is true, then why would people that have nothing in common attract to each other? If it is not true, then what is really happening between these opposites and what is the most likely outcome of that relationship?

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These sayings are at best exceptions to the rules so to speak or rare eventuality of people coming together when they are compatible and when they are not. And that reality makes it plausible that a whole different type of relationship theory is at work which can best describe the ideal attributes for long term love-based relationship.

That theory is Sternberg's Triangular theory of Love which calls for intimacy, passion and commitment in a relationship for it to work.

One line of research points out that as people hang out together, and they get to know each other over time, they are able to persuade each other to try out new things, if earlier they have not tried them. It could be games, a different genre of music or writing, different cultures or cuisines etc.

The element of endearing love empowers each other to become more flexible in allowing each other the space to be themselves in the each other's company, in spite of having different tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes.

Similarly, people who base their relationship on trust develop love on mutual respect and kindness, tend to be giving in terms of allowing each other to be who they are, as long as it is not risky behavior or self-damaging, harmful to other people or the environment, or unethical in nature.

Research done in this area having its basis in biological ...

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