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Why Television Is Detrimental to Childhood Development

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Why is television detrimental to the development of children?

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One of the primary reasons that television is detrimental to the development of children, is due to the fact that the prolonged watching of television programming takes away from the time that children have to engage in more fruitful learning activities such as reading. When children are engaged in watching many hours of television each day, these individuals are missing out on the opportunity to improve their reading comprehension skills, by being read to by their parents, or actively engaging in reading books at their appropriate grade level. Even children that are too young to read on their own, can gain a great deal of knowledge by being read to by their parents or other adults. The development of a child's reading comprehension skill is stalled, and the progression of learning to read is also slowed by engaging in long hours of watching television. It has been statistically proven that those children that watch the least television programming, perform the best academically in a variety of subjects, that include reading comprehension etc. These same statistics also point to the fact that the reason that America's children are falling behind many other nations academically, is due to the fact that there is a direct correlation between limited exposure to television, and increased academic prowess and performance. In nations such as Japan and others, children watch very little television, and those communities within the US that allow for a reduced amount of exposure to television, also perform the best among the US population, which serves ...

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