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(PBO) Performance Based Objectives

DQ#2 - Based on the instructional goal you just wrote in DQ#1, what would be one possible performance-based objective (PBO)? (Of course there are many PBOs that exist to support one instructional objective, but just come up with one possible PBO here.) Keep in mind that instructional design is based on different models, and

Environmental injustices in a community

Ethical obligations to the environment are usually closely connected to ethical obligations toward people, particularly poor people and minority groups. Environmental justice is about ensuring that no group is made to bear a disproportionate burden of environmental harm. Environmental justice is also about ensuring that govern

Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Presentation

HI there, Hope you are doing well. I am glad the weekend is among us! I have a paper that I would like your help with. It is another one of those power points that you are so super good at! Always your inputs and thoughts are valuable to me. Best regards, Mary ------ As a teacher, you have the opportunity to share t

Developing an Activity that Promotes Language Development

Please provide two references. Part A You are the teacher in an early childhood classroom that includes eight 3- and 4-year-olds. Two of the children demonstrate highly developed language skills and speak in complete sentences. Four of the children use phrases and are still developing basic vocabulary and conversation ski

Fragile X Intellectual Disabilities

You will research one of the following intellectual disabilities according to your last name. Fragile X Choose one of the following grade levels and one of the following academic skills. Then, find a lesson plan for the grade level and academic skill you've chosen. Some lesson plan resources are listed, but feel free to us

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Resources

I have an assignment that I would like your thoughts on. Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Resources When we think about overall well-being, it is important to consider our children and families. For this discussion, you will explore several social, emotional, and behavioral resources that could be shared with children

Challenging classroom behaviours

Challenging Classroom Behaviors Behavioral health as it pertains to a child's set of behaviors that are in response to early experiences and actions of others. o Emotional development as it pertains to a child's increasing ability to express emotions appropriately. o Social development as it pertains to the growth of a

Gifted Students

Chapter 7 of our text discusses the characteristics of gifted children and a variety of effective instructional methods. Imagine you spent the day observing either a preschool, elementary, or secondary classroom. During your observation, one child exhibits behaviours typical of gifted children. Write ideas for a vignette that de

Inclusion of parents in the education of students with ADHD

If you plan to deal with students with SLI similarly to how you would follow an IEP, to what extent would you include the parents? In the post, it was stated that , "Developing a system of signals that allows for students to ask for help or indicate confusion without causing other students to experience disruption is also a goo

Universal Design for Learning in a Work Environment

With Universal Design for Learning (UDL) there are three guiding principles...multiple means of representation (how you present and provide information), multiple means of action & expression (how they tell you what they know), and multiple means of engagement (how you engage them). The following link provides a wealth of infor

Assistive Technology for Special Education

Assistive technology has a role in Special Education. From the passage of EHA-Public Law 94-142 to the present, public school systems have been responsible for providing each student with a disability with a free, appropriate public education. Congress strengthened the emphasis on AT in IDEA'97/2004 because of what is now known

Accommodating Children with ADHD in Classrooms

A discussion of how parents can be kept involved in their child's learning once the child has been diagnosed by a physician. An explanation of how students specifically are accommodated through classroom and functional organization. How students are supported through organization of classroom space and assignments. How stu

Conducting a Needs Assessment for a Performance Gap

You have been asked to conduct a needs assessment to identify a performance gap at a place of business or educational institution. Tell us what this hypothetical workplace instructional need might be? What methods of gathering information and documentation would you use to carry out the needs assessment? What are the pros and co

Common mental modes in school organizations

After watching the Reason video, "Triple Nickel Press: Casey Reason" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKjjSigURNY) describe some common mental models that exist within school organizations (K-12 and/or higher education). Also address the following questions: What do you think is the genesis of these mental models (how were they d

Devising a Plan Within a School or District

Levin suggests that in order to facilitate meaningful change, stakeholder focus has to be channeled and chunked in order to sustain focus and motivation to realize/achieve the change that is necessary for growth and development. Briefly describe the problem in your school or district that needs attention (change to differentiate

Training teachers to differentiate instruction

I suggested that teachers or organizational consultants should differentiate instruction to a greater degree. You might design a plan for incorporating various platforms for training teachers or consultants to differentiate instruction, or you might suggest and describe various platforms for differentiating instruction in the cl

Hargreaves' 5 Pillars of Purpose and Partnership

I need help with Hargreaves' five pillars of purpose and partnership for initiating and sustaining a viable change effort. I am to describe the benefits and drawbacks to school and community partnerships, particularly during a change effort? I need to discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks to school and community partnersh

Physical activity, fitness and nutrition for children

Write an in-depth journal response reflecting on the content presented in the course, the knowledge you have gained, and your goals for future professional positions. In your reflection, be sure to address the following: 1. How has your knowledge of physical activity, physical fitness, nutrition, and safety for young children

Developing a health and wellness plan for families

Thematic Backpack Rubric Please find the rubric with the grading criteria for the Thematic Backpack assignment. This should help you to be sure you have covered all parts of the assignment to receive the most credit points. Thematic Backpack Plan 10 points Content Criteria Weight Comments Introduction

Reflections and Challenges for Action Research Projects

Hi Just need your opinion with these discussion questions. 1) How will reflection play a role in an (Action Research Project) ARP process? 2) What could one see as potential challenges or limitations to completing your action research project successfully? 3) What are some reasons why it is important to conduct a revi

Problems in adult online education

I need an interesting topic or issue that is a significant problem in the field of adult online education. How can someone plan to explore this topic or issue? I need approximately 2 pages worth of information.

Supporting students with speech and language impairments

As Chapter 6 states, "students with SLI should receive speech and language services from trained professionals. The role of the classroom teacher is supportive and collaborative" (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 6.7). As a classroom teacher, explain how you can support students with speech and language impairments by including e

Explaining ADHD to a new teacher

Researchers have not identified a primary cause of ADHD. They believe that it is probably related to a combination of biology, genetics, and the student's environment" (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 5.4). While you may encounter very young children who exhibit behaviors similar to the characteristics of ADHD, it is unlikely th

Safe and Supportive Indoor and Outdoor Environments for Children

Hi, I have another post that I would like your help with. For this discussion, think about the information presented in Chapter 8 regarding safe and supportive indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, think about your personal philosophy of learning and choose one developmental level (e.g. infants, toddlers, preschoole

Assessing Odd Behaviour in Children as a Teacher

See the attached file. You are a teacher in a 4-year-old classroom and begin each day with your daily health and wellness check. You notice that a child who is dropped off looks very tired and is uncommonly quiet as she walks into the classroom. She was dropped off by bus so you have no additional information. Given the

Ways students are taught in today's society

Identify the major themes of three different dissertations/literature reviews that involve students taught in today's society using technology. Use APA style. Also state rationale for choosing themes.

Investigating Special Education Internet Resources

Create an annotated bibliography of a minimum of 15 special education websites. 1. Research and provide two to three sentences of information for each site. 2. These websites can be related to professional development, meeting students' learning needs, special education associations, legal rights and resources for parents,