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    Should Teachers to Plan Their Instruction Based on Assessments?

    1. Is it important for teachers to plan their instruction based on assessments? Why or why not? Share an example from your own experiences 2. How will you honor the diversity of professional judgment and style in the instructional planning process among teachers?

    Reflection on Learning

    What have you learned about research and practice? How do you think research will improve your own teaching practice?

    Educational Personal Reflection

    Reflect on one of the following three sentence starters: In my classroom, I tried to promote student learning by [implementing]... In thinking about my future classroom, I want to promote student learning by... I would like to improve education by...

    Autism and Teacher Attitudes

    I am doing a project study in education. My topic is dealing with autistic students and the teachers attitudes toward these students in their class or school system. I have thought about some type of professional development but don't have an idea where to start. Any idea or suggestion would be very helpful. I plan to work with

    Global Product Preferences

    1) If the product preferences of cultures and people around the world continue to converge, what would be a product that will likely be affected? 2) What would be a product that will likely not be affected by such a convergence? 3) For the product that is affected, how will the changes influence the marketing manager's j

    Products Going International

    Since not all companies "go international" by exporting, using contracts, and investing in other markets, how does a company's product influence the process of going international? What are some examples that would help explain and illustrate this?

    Educational Comparison: Adult Learning

    Select a character from "The Color Purple" that you see as exemplifying adult learning (I was thinking about the character, Celie). Think about how the theoretical perspectives you have chosen (I need to use two theorist's perspectives) can be used to explain the character's learning and development. Compose and submit an ess

    Teaching Style and Application to Early Childhood Settings

    As teachers and caregivers, it is important to know how to address different situations in early childhood settings with the help of parents. For this you will choose one of the following scenarios: 1. Shane has a difficult time separating from his mother each morning. At drop off, he clings to her and screams uncontrollably.

    The Importance of Play - Activities for Children

    Children learn as they play and while playing, they learn how to learn. Take a moment to read the article "The Importance of Play - Activities for Children." Then, think about the childhood games that you played. Share your favorite playtime activity with your classmates and explain why it was your favorite. Describe what you le

    Co-Workers' Ethics

    Does it matter to you that coworkers and others that you interact with professionally see you as exhibiting certain virtues and avoiding certain vices? Explain why such perceptions should or should not matter.

    Discipline in preschool programs

    Discipline and guidance are major components of a preschool program. You need to establish your own philosophy before you can communicate this with parents. Review the following quizzes to reflect on your opinion of discipline and guidance. The Best Discipline Tactics: A Quiz The Discipline Quiz: True or False Review Tabl

    Addressing a Parent's Concerns

    Choose one of the following scenarios: Some parents request that their boys should not be permitted to play in the dress up area, and should not be allowed to wear women's hats, shoes, and clothes to dress up. Some parents complain that their children continually come home with paint on their clothes and sand in their hair,

    AACN's Essentials of Master's Education

    Compare and contrast the AACN (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses) Essentials of Master's Education with the mission provided below, philosophy, and MSN Program Outcomes. The mission is: the provision of quality and innovative healthcare education programs that are delivered with exceptional service, accountability

    Critical thinking in nursing

    How does one demonstrate the concept of critical thinking in relation to the various roles of the professional nurse? Please include one supporting reference.

    Action Research for Further Investigation

    Interesting perspective, "In addition, if the supplementary data collected is disclosed, it can also be used to conduct further investigation of the research topic especially if the participants being studied are other professionals such as teachers or staff." Collaborating with other professionals will often result in motivatin

    Ethics training plan and monitoring misconduct

    Hi. Please help me with these revisions as they were in the instructions. Thanks B. Ethics Training Plan Comments on this criterion (optional): The submission provides the standards that employees are expected to follow; however, it does not develop a plan for training employees on these standards. C1. Monitoring Miscond

    Knowles' Assumptions on Androgyny

    Can you assist me in writing a three-page paper that argues that at least two of Knowles' assumptions are either mostly right or mostly wrong? I'm having difficulty conducting this research and finding references.

    Melting Pot?

    Melting Pot? Today's classrooms are filled with diverse children and families. As educators, we strive to provide the best learning environments to support all children and their families. Watch the video, The Great American Melting Pot and reflect on your beliefs as an educator in a diverse society. After watching the vi

    Parent/Family Flyer

    Parent and family involvement is crucial in early childhood education. Creating strong partnerships with families will help support young children in their development. It is up to the early childhood educator to facilitate these partnerships and to encourage parent and family involvement. For this assign, you will create a flye

    Lesson methodology for early childhood education

    Hi, do you think you can help me with this? Your input and thoughts are valuable to me. Self-Evaluation Reflect on your coursework so far. What have you learned so far that you think will be the most helpful in your future career? In what ways can you see yourself using that newly discovered knowledge? Which assignment

    Ensuring Voluntary Participation & Unethical Uses of Technology

    Participants in an action research study/project are generally a captive audience-students, employees, colleagues, etc. How will you ensure their participation is voluntary? Guaranteeing there is no negative result to non-consent is also important. How has your employer, school, district, etc. developed policies as a result of

    Providing Supplementary Information

    One uses supplementary information in his response to this DQ and concludes "...if it is supplementary information, it should not be published in the review simply because it was extra information that was gathered that was not needed for the study. Disclosing it might confuse the data and/or even hurt the results. However, publ

    Theories of intelligence in adult learning

    What theory of intelligence do you subscribe to and how how might that theory of intelligence impact you as an adult learner? Please include references in the response.

    Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano Chemistry Experiment

    Print out the Chemistry Experiment directions AND the Chemistry Experiment Lab Report. Make sure you have all of the necessary supplies on hand before you begin. This is a really fun "kitchen chemistry" experiment that your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews might enjoy "helping" you with. So round them up or if you re

    Analysis of Organizational Performance in an HR Interview

    Anonymous Interview questionnaire for one of my human resource development classes. Please use own words and detailed complete sentences (5 sentence minimum for each question). Questions: 1. What has been your experience with analysis (gap, needs, training, or task analysis), in your organizations? 2. Have you ever exper

    Consent Forms and Research

    Just need your opinion on these two articles. See the following articles: Albala, I., Doyle, M., & Appelbaum, P. S. (2010). The evolution of consent forms for research: a quarter century of changes. IRB: Ethics & Human Research, 7-11. Brooks, R. (2010). The Development Of A Code Of Ethics: An Online Classroom Approach